Regular giving

Regular Giving is at the heart, and is the first step, of generosity. The Bible teaches that sharing the “first fruits” (or cutting the first check) in appreciation of God’s work is the mark of a faithful and generous giver. We equip our community for this generous practice in several ways:

1)  Offering Envelopes – We provide you with offering envelopes for convenient generosity. You simply insert your check or cash and put the envelope in the offering plate during any of our worship services.

2)  Online Giving – Give yourself the freedom from memory (and regular check writing)! Through our site, you can give any time, any where, any amount.  This site is wonderful if you are among the “generously busy,” whose active lifestyle means irregular worship, but then you feel like you get behind in your giving. And … if you are worried about “others seeing you not put an envelope in the plate??” Don’t! It’s simple and easy. Click on this link, or use your phone to scan the image, and select a regular gift, or a special gift.

Or you can text a gift as well! Text MYGSGIFT to 73256 to give to General Fund Not Pledged using your text messaging. Standard text message rates do apply.

3)  Mail to the Church office – Less convenient, but still an effective means for those who can’t frequent the building (or forget to bring their envelope along!).

Good Shepherd
ATTN Treasurer
1120 Cedar St.
Eau Claire, WI 54703

How does my Regular Giving generosity impact others? Regular Giving generosity goes to support the endless missions that we provide here at Good Shepherd, in the local community, and around the globe. Our annual budget is driven by your regular giving commitments, and it goes to pay for missions such as: meaningful worship, Sunday school and youth programs, educational opportunities for all ages, hospital and homebound spiritual care and counseling, funeral and wedding preparations and events, building upkeep and maintenance, benevolent giving, and countless other missional activities that God is up to.

What is benevolent giving? Just like you personally seek to live out generosity, we as a community seek to live our generosity, too. Each year we dedicate a certain percentage of our annual budget as “generosity” that we send as Mission Support to our many partners. It is our way of practicing generosity at a community level.

Why do we send money to “the Synod?” Aren’t they just kind of like an administrative governing body that tells us what to do? “The Synod” often refers to the office of the Northwest Synod of Wisconsin. More specifically, and more accurately, “synod” is derived from two Greek words: syn  meaning “a way”, and hodos meaning “together.” Synod = “ a way together.”

“The Synod” is you and me, and others like us, discovering a way to transform God’s world together. There are 205 congregations and over 106,000 members who are a part of our “synod.” These are our mission partners. Together, we employ a synod office in order to extend our hopes and visions for God’s world to the far reaches of the world. Much of our generosity is sent to “the Synod” because we know that we can do mission more productively if we find a way together, rather than when we try to do it all ourselves.

Why should I establish regular giving? Can’t I just give to the missions that I want to give to? Sure you can … and no one is stopping you. Generosity comes in many forms. At Good Shepherd, however, we teach Regular Giving as a spiritual practice because 1) it mimics God, who gives freely and without strings attached; 2) it acknowledges that we are a united community who make decisions together and follow through together; 3) it moves us beyond our own personal agenda and into the trusted movement of what God is doing.