Just Because Baskets


Baskets of love are prepared bi-weekly at our church and sent on their way with prayers from Good Shepherd. A small group gathers to prepare the baskets of goodies that are donated by members of our congregation. Fresh baked muffins, bread and cookies, fresh fruit and sometimes flowers are included in the baskets. The ministry also distributes hand crocheted prayer shawls. Baskets are sent out by request for those who are ill or grieving the loss of a loved one. We also send baskets to celebrate the birth of a new baby, a new home, new job, retirement, or JUST BECAUSE. If you would like to request a Just Because Basket for someone, please contact Kathy Schellfeffer (715 835-6934), Shirley Stark (715 874-5786) or call the church office at 715-834-2959 and give us a name, address, phone number and a brief description of the situation so that we may lift the person up in prayer.

We also need people to provide store bought or homemade goodies for the baskets, as well as other items. If you feel moved to contribute a donation of any kind please contact us.

CONTACT PEOPLE: Kathy Schellfeffer (715-835-6934) or Shirley Stark (715-874-5786) or church office (715-834-2959).