At Good Shepherd, we recognize that we are not alone in mission. We have many partners who, through their unique and varied gifts, provide support, spiritual growth, and missional opportunities for our members. We are blessed to have missional partnerships with:

Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA): The ELCA is the national body of Lutheran Churches of which we are affiliated.

Good Shepherd Senior Apartments: Senior apartments on the west side of Eau Claire.

Lay School of Ministry: The Lay School provides opportunity for spiritual growth and leadership capacity for many of our members at Good Shepherd. It is a mission provided through the NW Synod of Wisconsin.

Living Water: This is a mission congregation that we support, located in Cameron, Wisconsin.

Luther Park Bible Camp: Luther Park is our affiliate Bible camp offering outdoor ministry a retreating opportunities for all ages.

Mitundu Parish, Evangelical Lutheran church of Malawi: The Mitundu Parish is our sister parish in Malawi.

Northwest Synod of Wisconsin: The Synod is our “walking together” headquarters. The Northwest Synod of Wisconsin connects us to the other 204 congregations in our area who seek to walk together for the sake of mission in God’s world.

Synod Resource Center: The Resource Center offers a multitude of resources in various mission areas. It is yet another mission provided by the NW Synod of Wisconsin.

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