Endowment Fund


Christian stewardship involves the faithful management of all of God’s gifts to humankind: the created world, the gospel, life, time, abilities and money. Stewardship also includes our accumulated, inherited and appreciated resources. As Christians, we work for our income during life and are encouraged to give proportionately from our accumulated resources at death. Planning for distribution of our lifetime accumulations is a vital step in completing our stewardship plan.

The purpose of the Good Shepherd Endowment Fund is to enhance the outreach purposes as established in the Constitution of the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd. Distributions will fund capital improvements, student scholarships, and missions of the Northwest Synod and ELCA at large. As members of the Endowment Board of Trustees, we encourage you to consider the Good Shepherd Endowment Fund as you complete your estate planning.

For more information, contact: Jim Holte at 715-835-6708.

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